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[Pkmn-Vault Application] Fin whale by febrize [Pkmn-Vault Application] Fin whale by febrize
N a m e: Finley W. Zuckerson 

A l i a s: Can go by Fin, Finny, or anything creative that you may think of.

G e n d e r: Male

A g e: 22 years old

S p e c i e s: Wailord: The Float Whale Pokemon

V a u l t  Number: Originally from Vault 010, currently resides in Vault City

Kind | Sensitive | Affable | Affectionate | Charismatic | Low-Tempered | Un-Judgmental
    Finley is what you could say is the definition of a "gentle giant". He makes it his highest intention to keep a positive attitude in even the most dire situations, as well as being surrounded by all sorts of people. When it comes to entertaining his companions and bringing a smile to their face, he isn't afraid to embarrass himself in order to get them laughing. Or when in need, he will try his hardest to be of assistance. To him, every one deserves a reason to smile.
Any form of contact is perfectly acceptable to him whether it being someone messing with his hair or grabbing him by his arm. He enjoys gentle gestures such as hugging and cuddling, though he tends to crush the person he's embracing if he gets too "wound up in the moment". 
    Though with his jolly nature, he still has his brutal weak points that can break his assertive personality for hours. He does not have a high tolerance for mental pain; mocking his size and faults are the surest and more crucial way to inflict him. He also doesn't have a tolerance for those who harass his dear friends, nor will he hesitate to stand up for them. He will never resort to blunt violence against the person unless direly needed-- the most damage he has ever done to someone so far was a few mere bruises.

Pre war
    When he was younger, Finley grew up and lived with his parents and his younger sister. There was never a time in his childhood that he felt was particularly difficult, as his parents rarely fought, and his sister was the princess he protected. He grew up learning to appreciate others; to love them for who they are no matter how strange they may seem, including himself. That if you treat others kindly, they will be obliged to do the same for you.
It was a great motto for him to go by through his elementary days. It granted him confidence to be himself, and allowed him to discover that he possessed a knack to make others laugh just by doing so. He became the kid that knew just what to do to get the whole class laughing on a dull, stormy day. And make a sunny day shine brighter for anyone.
    However, as middle school came along, his way of seeing things changed for the worst. While some remained to find his tomfoolery utterly amusing, others would gawk and ridicule his jokes, and over time, him. Rumors and harsh words of him spread through the school like a wild fire, forcing him to feel the agonizing burn. He tried to get them to cease their mockery, especially towards his build and out going personality, but all attempts were fruitless; he wondered how a world he showed such compassion to could be so cold in return. 
He managed to force himself through the rest of his awkward teen years, but with the concern of his parents, he transferred to a different high school; a chance for him to start over new. There he learned from his mistakes, and tried a still open-hearted, but more subtle comedic first impression that gained him a positive social reputation as, once again, being the guy who could make anyone smile.
    After high school, it was heart wrenching having to say goodbye to his parents and beloved little sister, but he knew that it was time to stand on his own feet and start calling his own shots. 
    He lived by himself for 3 years.

    He was sent to vault 010 without knowing any of the people whom he was accompanied by, or a single idea of the location of his family, even with his consistent pleading of needing to know that they were safe. He went on a year living in the vault without knowing their condition before he was sent into cryogenic sleep.

    When he awoke, he hoped to open his eyes and see the familiar surrounding of his bed room, but much to his dismay, saw that all that had happened wasn't a dream, and there was more to this thousand year awakening than he could ever expect. His hands and forearms had become twice the size that they were, and or should of been. It also came to his attention that he was stronger than he once remembered, but he found this "improvement" to his anatomy utterly pointless. 
    He traveled across the desert to Vault City as they had a far greater purified water supply, and hasn't gone back to Vault 010 since.

Moveset: :iconpsychictypeplz: Amnesia: :iconsteeltypeplz: Heavy Slam: :iconwatertypeplz: Hydro Pump :iconwatertypeplz: Brine

• 6'8"
• Despite his hands being monstrous, he's learned to be very gentle with them.
• Slow on land, graceful in the water.
• Took wrestling in highschool
• Cannot survive for more than two days without water, reason why he doesn't stray too far from Vault City.
• Enjoys carrying people on his shoulders
• If you give him a sub sandwich, he will love you forever.
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TVPrince Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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tetkun Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He seems like an overall great character! Although there is one thing that is optional to change but you do not have to, so dont worry!!
The move Dive that he has would not really be necessary, because he would already have the ability to dive, like others do! So if you want to swap that out for another move, that'd be fine but you dont exactly need to hehe!

but hes great and an overall sweetheart it seems and i cant wait to learn more about this precious baby <33
febrize Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Okiee I'll change it sorry that one rule thing completely slipped my mind sdkfa

And thank you so much for your kind commentary I can't wait to join the group~!
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